Detoxifying Shampoo



for curlies, collies & tight textures

Benefits :
* Remove buildup from products like dry shampoo, hairspray, mousse and gel
* Help rebalance an oily scalp by washing away excess oil
* Make hair look and feel shiny, healthy and soft
* Boost volume by removing excess oil
* Soothe and provide relief for an itchy and uncomfortable scalp by removing product buildup and excess oil
* Eliminate chlorine, a chemical that can damage strands, cause dullness and even turn your hair green.

How to use :

Detoxifying shampoo is designed for use once or twice per month. You can apply it as you would any other shampoo.
1. Work a small amount in your hands and then apply it to your damp scalp, massaging the product until you have a good lather.
2. Leave in your hair for up to 30 seconds.
3. Rinse the shampoo out completely before applying conditioner.
It’s important to use conditioner after every shampoo session. Not only does conditioner help keep your hair soft, but it also seals in moisture in the hair cuticle to keep it from drying out.
Simply apply your conditioner to your middle and lower locks in an even layer, wait a few seconds, and then rinse.

Additional Information
Size 350 kg
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