Treatment Mask



for curlies, collies & tight textures

The Treatment Mask was inspired by remedies passed down through generations. Our natural powders are a modern take on hair care & treating your curls with something special. Luxurious in feel & powerful in performance, this moisturizing hair mask delivers slip, curl elongation & definition to coils, providing moisture to dry or damaged hair & promoting hair growth. This hydrating hair mask is also formulated with key ingredients that are softening, strengthening & nourishing, your hair type will be left hydrated, silky & pampered. No matter your curl pattern, this hydrating curly hair mask is the moisture treatment your natural hair strands have been looking for.

Apply a hair mask on detangled, wet hair before or after a cleansing product depending on preference. Let sit on wet hair for 5-10 minutes. After rinsing out, use a deep conditioning treatment to replenish even more moisture back into dry hair & to fully enliven each hair strand.

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