Ylang-Ylang Hydrosol


Experience tropical allure. Our Ylang-Ylang Hydrosol uplifts, balances, and seduces, transporting your skin to an oasis of tropical beauty.


100% Pure Ylang-Ylang Hydrosol

Ideal For

Combination skin and those seeking a sensual, mood-elevating experience.


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SKU: YYH-1692Categories: Hydrosols
  • Unearth the exotic charm of our Ylang-Ylang Hydrosol. Capturing the intoxicating essence of the Ylang-Ylang blooms, this hydrosol is an enchanting blend of romance and rejuvenation.

    With every mist, your skin is draped in a moisture-rich veil, revitalizing dry areas and creating a radiant glow. Ylang-Ylang is famed for its sebum-balancing properties, making this hydrosol an ideal companion for those with combination skin, as it naturally harmonizes oil production.

    As a versatile toner, it sets the stage for your skincare regimen, allowing subsequent products to penetrate more deeply. Incorporate it into your morning ritual for a spirited start, use it during the day for a fragrant refresh, or apply at night to let its sensual aroma soothe your senses.

    The heady, exotic scent of Ylang-Ylang does more than just elevate your skincare routine; it creates a mood, inviting relaxation, and promoting emotional well-being. Let this tropical gem become a cherished step in your self-care journey.

    Step into tropical allure. Let Ylang-Ylang’s exotic essence captivate and care for your skin.

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