Deep Scalp Detox



formulated for curlies, collies, & tight textures

It’s time to break up with natural hair scalp buildup, dandruff and itchiness. Our Deep Scalp Detox is formulated with essential oils to naturally purge dirt, dead skin & lingering product build-up for the ultimate cleanse. Impurities are pulled from the follicles & pores are unclogged without stripping your hair’s natural oils. The 2-in-1 scalp detox treatment delivers a reset to all hair types between wash days & can be used as a detoxifying pre-shampoo to restore scalp health during & after braids, wigs, weaves & more. Hair will be left soft, refreshed, & ready for the next ‘do.
Keeping your texture juicy & joyful.

Shake the scalp detoxifier serum before use. Part curly hair into sections & apply directly to the scalp. Massage well in a circular motion using your fingertips or scalp massager. Rinse, rub the scalp with a damp cloth, or leave in as desired. Use the exfoliating scalp treatment weekly.

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