Blossom Hydrosol


Bask in nature’s bloom with Blossom Hydrosol. This floral mist refreshes and revitalizes, enveloping skin in a dewy kiss of botanical splendor.


100% Pure Blossom Extract Hydrosol

Ideal For

All skin types, especially those looking for gentle hydration and floral radiance.


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  • Unveil the essence of spring with our Blossom Hydrosol. Sourced from nature’s most delicate blossoms, this hydrosol is a symphony of floral freshness and pure hydration.

    Each spray rejuvenates tired skin, offering the soft touch of blossoms and the quenching relief of a morning dew. Infused with the gentle benefits of flower extracts, the hydrosol is a remedy for redness, inflammation, and everyday stressors. It’s a revitalizing treat for the skin, evoking the sensation of wandering through a fragrant orchard in full bloom.

    Perfect as a daily toner, Blossom Hydrosol tightens pores, prepares the skin for subsequent treatments, and keeps the skin’s pH balanced. Use it to awaken your senses in the morning, provide a mid-day boost, or set the stage for a restful evening beauty routine.

    Beyond skin benefits, its aromatic profile is a sensory delight—floral, light, and incredibly uplifting. It’s a skincare routine that transcends the physical, touching the very soul with its gentle caress.

    Step into a garden of delights. Let Blossom Hydrosol unveil your skin’s radiant bloom.

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