Dry, Cracked Cuticles

You don't have to live with the frustration. Backed by research, our formulations can help provide relief for the symptoms and effects of Dry, Cracked Cuticles.

How We Can Help?

Dry air, frequent hand washing, and manicures can cause cracked, painful cuticles and hangnails. At Beauty Supply Africa, our natural cuticle oils moisturize and restore your cuticles to health. Massaging our luxurious oils into your nails and cuticles repairs damage, preventing painful splitting and peeling. Book a consultation to find the perfect oil to transform your cuticles.

Typical Causes

Dry, cracked cuticles result from:

  • Exposure to dry environments – low humidity causes brittle cuticles
  • Frequent hand washing – strips away natural moisture
  • Harsh soaps and chemicals – damage the cuticle layer
  • Manicures – can scrape cuticles causing them to separate
  • Hangnails – dead cuticle skin that peels away from the nail
  • Painful cracking and splitting – opens cuticles to infection