Knee Pain

You don't have to live with the frustration. Backed by research, our formulations can help provide relief for the symptoms and effects of Knee Pain.

How We Can Help?

Knee pain from arthritis, injuries, or overuse can make it difficult to stay active and mobile. At Beauty Supply Africa, our natural essential oil blends provide safe, fast-acting relief from knee pain. Massaging our specially formulated oils into sore knees reduces inflammation, eases stiffness, and lubricates joints. Book a consultation to find the right oil to get you moving freely again.

Typical Causes

Knee pain has many causes:

  • Arthritis – Swelling, stiffness, and damage in joints
  • Tendonitis – Inflamed tendons from overuse
  • Bursitis – Swollen fluid sacs around the knee cap
  • Dislocation – Knee cap shifting out of position
  • Fracture – Cracks in knee bones from injury
  • Sprain/strain – Overstretched ligaments or muscles