ScarVana: Keloid Treatment Oil


Discover the power of ScarVana, our pioneering formula designed to combat and diminish the appearance of keloids. Dive into nature’s essence with a solution curated to nurture, heal, and restore.


After cleaning the affected area, gently massage a few drops onto the keloid until fully absorbed. For optimal results, apply twice daily.


Beauty Supply Africa


Lavender Extract, Rosehip Seed Oil


30 ml

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SKU: SCV-9385Categories: Body Oils
  • Every scar tells a story, but sometimes, some stories are better left behind. Introducing our ScarVana: Keloid Treatment Oil, a groundbreaking formula dedicated to those seeking a significant reduction in the appearance and texture of keloids.

    Infused with potent botanical extracts and essential oils, this lightweight oil works meticulously to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, softening keloids and promoting skin health. The harmonious blend of ingredients aids in inflammation reduction, skin cell rejuvenation, and keloid size decrease, offering you smoother and more supple skin.

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