Kali Musli Essential Oil


Center and strengthen body wisdom with Kali Musli Essential Oil. The earthy aroma focuses the mind while potent botanicals bolster vitality and harmony. An affordable roadmap to holistic wellbeing.


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30 ml, 50 ml

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  • Our premium quality Kali Musli Essential Oil channels the restorative vibrancy of Ayurvedic and Unani healing traditions into an accessible home supplement. Beloved for promoting strength, stamina and calm focus, Kali Musli offers a wealth of revitalizing mind and body benefits.

    Holistic Health Booster

    • The rich, musky aroma instills grounded, meditative breaths to relieve stress.
    • Assists energy levels, strength, muscle growth and male vitality for robust and sustained wellness.

    Pure Root Extract

    • 100% pure and natural steam distillation of the Kali Musli root
    • Available in 30ml and 50ml bottles. A little goes a long way.

    Let the earthy wisdom of Kali Musli guide you to a state of optimal energy flow and body equilibrium.

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