Jasmine Essential Oil


Indulge in floral serenity with Jasmine Essential Oil. The sweet, exotic aroma uplifts the mood while hydrating botanicals nourish skin. An affordable everyday luxury.


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30 ml, 50 ml

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  • Our superior quality Jasmine Essential Oil awakens the senses to utter botanical luxury. As the delicate jasmine flowers open at dusk, their seductive fragrance captures a mood of romance and positivity. We’ve distilled this into an affordable therapeutic oil.

    Holistic Skin & Mind Benefits

    • The rich floral molecules stimulate feel-good hormones in the brain, combatting stress and anxiety.
    • Deeply hydrates skin while assisting healthy cell regeneration for a more even, nourished complexion.
    • Add to your bath, body care routine, perfume, candle making, or room diffuser to uplift any moment.

    Pure Flower Power

    • Steam distilled essential oil retains the uplifting therapeutic qualities of pure blossoms.
    • Available in 30ml and 50ml bottles. Highest quality jasmine oil, undiluted and extremely concentrated.

    Awaken your senses and spirit with the exotic aroma of Jasmine. Let it transport you to a peaceful botanical oasis!

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