Anti-Fungal & Itchy Scalp Treatment Oil


Experience pure scalp serenity with our Anti-Fungal & Itchy Scalp Treatment Oil. Expertly formulated for instant relief and lasting recovery.


Dispense onto fingertips. Apply directly onto the scalp, concentrating on affected areas. Massage gently. Use consistently for best results.


Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Neem Extract, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil


Easily Absorbed, Lightweight


Beauty Supply Africa


75 ml, 120 ml

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SKU: AFISTO-4930Categories: Hair Oils
  • Battle two significant scalp concerns in one go with our Anti-Fungal & Itchy Scalp Treatment Oil. Whether you’re combating persistent itchiness or fungal afflictions, this power-packed oil is your trusted companion.

    Harnessing nature’s finest anti-fungal and soothing ingredients, this treatment oil dives deep to alleviate fungal growth and curb itchiness at the source. With every application, experience an invigorating sensation as the therapeutic elements work in harmony, restoring your scalp to its optimal health.

    Its non-greasy formula ensures that while your scalp heals, your hair remains soft, vibrant, and residue-free. The aromatic blend also provides a rejuvenating scent, making each application a moment of true scalp pampering.

    To those seeking a holistic solution to scalp woes without the harshness of chemicals, this oil is your answer. Feel the transformation with each use — from distressed to de-stressed.

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