Natural and Synthetic Pearl Powder 

Synthetic powder adopts international advanced wet ground production process and purred method , so its advantages are high whiteness, purity and transparence, super low iron content, no heavy metals heat-resistant, acid-resistant alkali-resistant, and also it resistant to corrosion of noxious gas, stable performance and good insulation.

Synthetic mica is also the basic raw material and functional material for pearl pigment, cosmetics, high-temperature resistant coating special plastic special ceramics.
Synthetic Pearl series Synthetic Pearl Flake >5mm  Application; Pearl pigment, Mica paper, Mica tape Insulation
Synthetic Pearl Powder  100-900μm Features: Clear& Transparent surface, High purity, Lower
Iron content, No heavy metal, Heat resistance Acid& Alkali
Resistance, Resistant to corrosion of noxious gas, Stable
performance and good insulation
application, Cosmetic, Insulating paint, Plastic, Heavy corrosion protection, Special ceramic, Welding  

 Chemical Property




Na2O MgO CaO TiO2 Fe2O3 PH
38~43% 10~14% 9~12% 0.16~0.2% 24-32% 0.2~0.3% 0.02~0.03% 0.15~0.3% 7.8


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