Dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of  cap mould ,PET preform mold and all kinds of molds since it was founded.

We follow the pursuit of quality and responsibility to each customer integrity concept, has been constantly improved and improved, we provide a complete set of advanced processing equipment.

Cap molds

A group of professional and technical personnel with rich working experience and a set of reasonable management system. Design, production, quality inspection to carry out comprehensive monitoring, to ensure the continuous updating of product quality, to ensure synchronization with international standards, to meet the needs of the market.

Our cap moulds mainly selected steel materials are High quality steel, with excellent wear resistance, polishing and corrosion resistance, its machinability is excellent. The cooling water circuit of the mould is designed with high efficiency and large water road, which ensures that each cavity die has good cooling effect under high speed operation, and further guarantees the high efficiency operation of the machine.

In the process of product design, material selection, machining and processing, the company has accumulated rich experience, strictly selected high-precision machining equipment, processing accuracy up to micron level. All parts are treated by vacuum heat treatment and coating treatment. After coating treatment, the surface hardness can be more than 60HRC, effectively prolonging the die life and ensuring the quality of cover making. We carry out strict quality control on every component, every process, and strive to provide high quality molds for our customers.

Cap mold

In order to provide customers with better service, we have been constantly improving and improving, in line with innovative and sincere service standards, we in every component, every processing strict control to let customers rest assured.

Material: Stainless Steel

Mold guarantee: 3million shots ,except for human causes at best prices