IBM Machine

Injection Blowing Machine

2 in 1 machine ( preform and blowing machine )


Pharmacy industrial
Chemicals industrial
Food pack industrial
Cosmetic industrial

Technical Features:
  • Horizontal injection system, plasticing reliable and operation easy.
  • Single crossbeam style clamping system, easy for mold amounting
  • Big mold dimension, output higher than same level machine.
  • 1.8 second ,not just speed, but excellence .Dry cycle is only 1.8 seconds with synchronous mold opening &closing and tower lifting.
  • Faster speed makes bottle forming easier.
  • The better hydraulic system makes the production cost more economical and reduces the energy consumption of servo machine by 10-15%
  • Noise less than 80 db, comfortable operation of the man-machine interface.
  • Servo rotation device: improve rotate positioning accuracy.
  • Electric pre plastication, can be synchronization in plasticizing.
  • Pneumatic stripping plate, safe and clean.
  • Linear guide beam, small resistance, high precision.
  • Both perform and blow station use 3-cylinder clamping unit, mold open speed high, production high capacity .
  • Triangular beam make the structure strong and more stable performance.




  • Servo pump drive, 25%-45% energy saving is available.
  • In mold labeling solution, one stop procedure, save cost of labor and workshop, completely fitting and excellent app .
  • Clamping parts: special designed single crossbeam dual-cylinder balance clamping system, for fast opening and closing mold while ensuring uniform distribution
  • Rotation mechanism: unique rotating mechanism design, and equipped with automatic lubrication system ensure rotation precision be consistent.
  • Injection components: Alternative efficient plasticizing mixing screw, optimization of the injection unit improve the injection stability and accuracy in ensuring
  • Hydraulic system: Equipped with electro-hydraulic servo system, the machine is running stable, low noise, high response and energy saving of 25% to 45%.
  • Dual proportional hydraulic system , precision control energy saving 25% more than vane pump drive.